Amazing Personalized Gift Ideas 2020 – Custom Photo Lamp to Surprise Your Loved One

Amazing Personalized Gift Ideas 2020 - Custom Photo Lamp

Everyone loves surprises, especially, they receive the gifts that are unique and meaningful only between you and him/her. If you are tired of giving ordinary gifts for anniversaries and festive seasons. Probably, RollnFLip‘s personalized photo lamp collection helps your loved one feels extra and gets impressed.

What is The LED Custom Photo Lamp?

When it comes to desk lamps, there are tons of lighting in great design as well as practical in functionality available in the market. However, have you ever imagined that you can place an awesome desk lamp home that is tailor-made and full of personalized characteristics?

Regarding the production of personalized 3D Photo Lamp, thanks to advanced printing technology, now, we can easily add personalized elements to the products like a table lamp. 

RollnFlip Custom Photo Lamp can capture the memorable moments into photo and transform it into a 3D optical LED Desk Lamp (also known as a personalized desk lamp). 

RollnFlip_3D Custom Photo Lamp

The elements that RollnFlip’s Custom Photo Lamp can be customized. 

  • Your nice photos printed on the desk lamp
  • Meaning words can be engraved
  • Change of lighting colors

Why RollnFlip's Custom Photo Lamp?

We have been specialized in innovative lighting solutions for a long time. Doing the best to surprise customers is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve. Over the decade, we’ve crafted tons of unique lighting gifts to make customers feel delighted. It is an enjoyable journey to design customized photo lamp scratching from a memorable picture submitted to us. Doubtlessly, RollnFlip’s personalized photo lamp is one of the best gifts that your lover, family, and beloved who are excited to receive.

Shine Up Your Space with A Custom LED Photo Lamp

RollnFlip is one of the most experienced 3D photo personalized desk Lamp designers in the industry. Every day, we transform customers’ enjoyable moments from photos to LED lamps. Eventually, it lights up their space and creates a glorious atmosphere. 

RollnFlip would also supervise every single step of custom desk lamp production starting from photo quality verification to end product inspection in order to make sure that customers like you feel satisfied with the unique lamps received.

RollnFlip’s Personalized Photo Lamp Collections

Currently, we offer 3 types of 3D LED Lamp for personalization.

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Extra Benefits of Personalized Photo Lamp

  • Long Working Life saying 60,000 Hours of LED Light
  • Comfortable, durable LED technology adopted
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Safe to use in kid’s room

Simple walkthroughs of ordering LED Custom Photo Lamp

The ordering process is simple. 

  1. Choose the product design
  2. Add to cart
  3. Text the message you would like to engrave on the wooden base (optional)
  4. Proceed Checkout
  5. Choose an image file to upload and proceed with payment via PayPal
  6. As we will check whether the photo submitted is appropriate to make a customized LED photo lamp, please allow us a little time to verify the image quality. In general, we will revert back to you in 2 working days for order confirmation via email. 
  7. An amazing personalized photo lamp will be shipped to the address provided. Normally, you will receive a unique desk light in 14 to 21 days. The shipment tracking number will also be provided to see shipment progress with ease.

Final Words

Custom gift does not need to be very expensive. As long as you can share the enjoyable moments and express how you cherish the relationship with each other, your loved ones will definitely love to see your effort and the custom gift you prepare for them. We hope the Custom Photo Lamp would bring you some ideas while you want to prepare special gifts to your special ones. Enjoy Reading.

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