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5 Best Ways to Preserve Beautiful Kids’ Drawings Easily (Ideas of 2020)

We love to see kids’ drawings, and we love to see their amazing artworks as every piece is unique and amazing. However, it might not be easy to keep them well and organized while more and more artworks are created and the space is limited. Here are some ideas to help preserve your kids’ drawings without wasting them or just keeping them in the storage room. Without further ado, here we go. 

#1 Turn Your kids’ drawings into keychains and precious jewelry

What a waste to flow the kids’ artworks that you can’t get the precious memory back. As a matter of fact, you can turn your kids’ drawings into a unique and timeless piece.  Some companies like RollnFlip provides customized service to turn your child’s amazing artworks into personalized keychain and precious jewelry.

You can simply scan and send a clear kid’s drawing to us, we will professionally handle the image, authentically craft and transform the drawing into a keyring or necklace that you can bring along with you every day. For any problems, you might reach us at for some advice.

#2 Make kids’ drawings as personalized gifts and pass them along to grandparents

Grandparents always love to receive their grandkids’ artworks. Apart from presenting the actual drawings, it might be nice to bring them surprising gifts like custom drawing keychains and accessories that they can use and carry in their daily life. Trust us, your grandparents will definitely love them. 

#3 Make kids’ drawings as gift wrapping papers or cards…

Kids’ drawings are always colorful. Why don’t we turn them into special gift wrapping papers or greeting cards? Certainly,  everyone would be delighted to receive unique kids drawing wrapping paper which could not be found in the market. 

#4 Save kids’ drawings digitally 

To easily organize many artworks and school works, it’d be better to keep them safe in a digital way. Mobile applications like Keepy allows you to save kid’s memories online. You can scan the drawing, upload the images, and organize them in designated folders. What’s more, you can also share them with family, turn the artworks into a photo gallery, and drawing a portfolio for you and kids to look back, and print out for future uses. 

#5 Frame kids’ drawings and post some of the best on the wall

One of the best ways to showcase your kids’ drawings is by putting them in wooden frames and mounting them on the wall. It is not only an amazing home decorative item, but your kids would also enjoy seeing their ‘Masterpiece’ showing home rather than just putting them sitting in the storage room.

Final Words

There are many ways to preserve your children’s drawings. Let’s make use of it, turning their artworks into meaningful gifts and keep the precious moments in better ways.

Happy reading!

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