14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

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14-in-1 Hexagonal Gadget Multi-tool Keychain

Pocket-sized Gadget Multi-tool Keychain saves your day in simple ways. The gadget packs 14 functions in hexagon-shaped keyring that perform diversified functions and solve many complicated matters with ease. Special Features include…

  • 14-in1 Multi-tools
  • Portable, Convenient to Carry Along
  • Durable and in High-Quality Metal
  • Tools for Emergency
  • Little Gadget for Home Improvement

14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

The keychain packs 14 practical features in ONE tiny gadget covering the functions of folding knife, emergency cutter, detachable heads screwdriver set, scale ruler, hex wrench, bottle opener, thread cutter, nail puller, and so on.

14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

Portable, Convenient to Carry Along

It is handy and just about the size of a coin. The 1.5 inches compact key holder is light in weight. It is in a hexagon shape that is easy to put in your pocket and attach to your backpack.

14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

Durable and in High-Quality Metal

Made of high-quality stainless steel in a well-polished finish, durable for long servicing times.

14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

Tools for Emergency & Outdoors

A comprehensive Multi-tool Keychain can be widely used for travel, camping, and outdoor activities. This pocket-size multi multi-functional gadget is simple in design and easy to use in emergencies. Multi-tool Gadget is always useful for camping and unexpected emergencies. You never know when and what challenges you would encounter for outdoor adventures.
14-in-1 Multi-tool Keychain

Little Gadget for Home Improvement

The perfect tool for people who love DIY and home improvement. This hands-on tool helps solve every problem in a very simple way.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 4.3 x 3.8 cm

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